Mow Cop Castle September 2015

IMG_20150919_145842657At Mow Cop, the folly offers 360-degree views of the Staffordshire moorlands and the Cheshire Plain.


It’s the southernmost outcrop in Cheshire of hard sandstone grit, rising 355m above sea level.


Excavations at Mow Cop have found querns dating back to the Iron Age.


Mow Cop and its folly are central images in Alan Garner’s novel, Red Shift.


Mow Cop is an isolated village which straddles the Cheshire–Staffordshire border, and is divided between the North West and West Midlands regions of England.


At its highest point stands a mock tower that was built as a summer house in 1754 by Randle Wilbraham, the local Lord of the Manor.


This tower is visible for miles around and is a major landmark visited throughout the year. Interestingly, it was the location for the first Primitive Methodist service in 1807.


Directions from:  London , Manchester , Liverpool

Car park postcode: ST7 3PA

The Cloud and Mow Cop are designated as RIGS (Regionally Important Geological Sites).

Toilets: Please note there are no toilets at Mow Cop Castle.

References: Thanks to National Trust and Wikipedia